Testimonial Received from a Happy Couple

14th February 2014
Whilst we receive a number of testimonials and thank you letters each month we received one this week which really caught our eye.
“My wife and I would like to thank you sincerely for the work that has been carried out on our small cottage, being stone built it has been cool in the summer but cold in the winter months and with the outside (solid wall insulation) insulation it has already shown a mark difference”.
Mr and Mrs Morris, South Wales
As private homeowners, Mr and Mrs Morris received a contribution towards the cost of the work from ECO (Energy Company Obligation) funding put in place by the Government’s Green Deal.

SERS' hard work, battling against extreme weather conditions to get the couple's home boarded up prior to the Christmas period meant that they were able to keep warm. 

Whilst we were unable to apply the base coat and top coat finish we were pleased that the boarding was able to take place in time.

As soon as the weather calmed down we returned to the property and completed the works.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for SERS and we value every testimonial and thank you letter which we receive.
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