Increases the value of your housing stock
Reduce Heating Bills
Reduces heating bills by up to 45%
Protects the fabric of the property
Protects the fabric of the property
Reduces heat loss and energy consumption
Increases warmth for tenants
Reduce CO2
Helps reduce carbon emissions
Reduces noise pollution
Improves kerb appeal

External Wall Insulation

The installation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) can have a profound effect. Increased warmth, wellbeing and overall general health are the key welfare benefits of an efficient home. Reduced fuel bills, of hundreds of pounds a year, and protection against spiralling fuel prices can transform lives. Households and neighbourhoods can be brought a step closer to being out of fuel poverty overnight.

The benefits felt by those living in dwellings which have had EWI installed are directly attributable to the actions of their landlord. Following the installation, there is often a distinctive rise in resident upkeep resulting in a reduced need for general maintenance.
External Wall Insulation System Render

The Installation Process OF External Wall Insulation

We have outlined the steps below involved in the installation process of External Wall Insulation.
25 Year Warranties
12 Month Defect Inspections
PAS 2030


SERS places the client and end user at the forefront of all operations and carries out all measures to ensure the project's success. Innovative solutions such as cold weather render applications ensure our service offering meets the demands of both businesses and residents. Our whole life solution approach ensures properties we work on deliver significant asset value. 25-year warranties, 12-month defect inspections and a comprehensive maintenance and repair solution make up just part of the SERS whole life solution. SERS also have extensive experience in cavity extraction.

As a contractor, SERS is fully compliant with PAS 2030 standards and requirements, following industry-wide best practice and guidance for your piece of mind. 
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