Up To £4000 cash back available for Solid Wall Insulation – LIMITED TIME

21st February 2014
This week has brought great news to the solid wall insulation market in the form of an announcement by DECC that they have significantly increased the amount of cashback now available.

There is up to £4000 cashback available for all solid wall installations allowing homeowners to claim cashback up to a total of two-thirds of the amount they have to pay.

To be eligible solid wall insulation must be applied to at least 50% of the external wall area.

Homeowners, landlords and registered providers need to act quickly as cashback applications close on 30 June 2014, or while funds last.

Whilst a total amount available has not been communicated, it is not an unlimited figure, and so SERS encourages its customers to act quickly to benefit.

Installations must be made, and vouchers redeemed, before 30 September 2014.

Homeowners, landlords and providers can choose to fund improvements through a Green Deal Finance Plan, or pay in other ways, and get the Cashback but they must use a Green Deal Provider like SERS.

Unfortunately, though it will not be possible to claim Cashback for improvements that have a funding contribution from 1st April, we can advise on this.

To claim cashback you must:

1) Have a Green Deal assessment carried out on your home. You will be able to apply for cashback for any of the eligible improvements you plan to install, as recommended on your assessment.

SERS will arrange your assessment once you have agreed to commence with the works.

2) Have works completed by a Green Deal Installer through a Green Deal Provider – of which SERS are both.

3) Apply for your cashback voucher online or by phone, before you begin the work. SERS will advise you on this.

4) Have your installation completed within six months of applying for your voucher

5) You will receive payment once your Provider has confirmed work has been carried out and arranged for your Energy Performance Certificate to be updated.
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