SERS in New Finance Initiative for Home Insulation

9th April 2014
We are pleased to be launching a nationwide campaign to encourage homeowners to take advantage of finance and cashback which is available for home insulation.

A combination of low-cost finance deals and cashback mean that homeowners can still insulate their houses and save thousands of pounds on fuel bills, despite the Government scaling back of some energy-saving programmes.

The perception that funding and finance for home insulation have dried up couldn’t be further from the truth. SERS have negotiated competitive finance for householders, which, combined with the Government’s improved Green Deal Cashback Scheme, means that homeowners can insulate their homes for a small monthly outlay.

SERS has negotiated a very attractive finance scheme through Shawbrook Bank. This, combined with the £4,000 Green Deal cashback now available for solid wall insulation, means that a two-bedroom terraced house can get solid wall insulation for just £26 a month and a typical three-bedroom semi would cost just £42 a month, while saving hundreds of pounds in fuel bills and adding to the value of their property.

While the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme has been scaled back, there are still ways to get home insulation without spending a fortune. Solid wall insulation is estimated to save more than £1,000 in energy costs over three years, and Government figures estimate that the value of an insulated property increases by up to 14 percent.

Under the new Green Deal programme, solid wall insulation carries a cashback level of £4000, increased from £650. This applies to all projects booked before the end of June and installed before the end of September.

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme encourages people to make energy improvements and take energy efficiency measures with their property. Householders can claim cash back from Government. More details are available at

SERS’ finance package with Shawbrook Bank is repayable over 120 months at a typical APR of 8.3 percent.

For more information call 0845 519 8570.
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