Aerial Photos Display Aesthetical Impact EWI has on Neighbourhoods

17th April 2015
Aerial photographs were taken of Mayfield in Midlothian, Scotland show what a dramatic impact the installation of external wall insulation has had on the aesthetics of the area.

SERS have been working in Mayfield since late November and are expected to remain in the area until 2016 where we will complete well over 1000 homes in the community.

Working in partnership with Midlothian Council and Melville Housing Association, SERS have insulated over 950 non-traditional (Wimpey No-Fines) mixed tenure properties (predominantly privately owned). The properties range in terms of property type and include flats, houses and terraced houses. This large, estate-based scheme, is in the town of Mayfield and has seen the installation of EWI, boilers, loft replacements and draught proofing.

The installation of EWI externally can dramatically change the way a property looks and when installed on mass can radically transform the appearance of a whole neighbourhood – often giving it a new lease of life!

The scheme has raised much media attention due to its size and continual flow of funding to support both private residents and RSL’s. Funding streams including CESP, ECO, HEEPS abs and a combination of the latter two have all been maximised by SERS to support RSL’s and private homeowners through the works.
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