Upgrade Works to Flint Tower Blocks

15th May 2015
Flintshire County Council has awarded a contract to SERS to undertake a major upgrade programme to 270 high rise flats in Flint.

As part of the large-scale works being delivered by Flintshire County Council to improve housing across the county, SERS will deliver concrete repairs, external wall insulation and roof insulation to increase the longevity of the buildings and significantly reduce the cost of heating for occupants. The programme will also include the replacement of thousands of original windows; presenting a logistical challenge to coordinate trades in the most exposed of locations.

The three towers were built in the 1960s and 70s alongside the maisonettes which are in the process of being demolished to make way for the first of 500 new homes to be built by the council across the county. It continues to push to bring existing housing up to standard, and where needed, introduce new housing solutions.

The tower blocks are hugely popular assets and this work will ensure that tenants enjoy homes that are warm, comfortable and affordable.

SERS Energy Solutions Ltd, from South Wales, will be supported by Knauf and IKO Plc who will supply materials for the contract. Whilst this contract is expected to generate 20 to 30 jobs, further benefits will come from the fact that Knauf will be supplying materials from its nearby Deeside factory.
This contract provides the first step for the new development of Flint town centre and demonstrates the council’s vision for putting vibrancy back into communities.
Cllr Helen Brown, Cabinet Member for Housing
The council expects works to start on Richard Heights this spring. The final design of the blocks will be decided by the tenants who live in the high rise following a public consultation.

Anyone interested in reducing the cost of energy in their home is invited to contact the council’s partners the North Wales Energy Advice Centre free on 0800 954 0658.
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