Training for Accredited Advisors and Assessors

20th April 2014
SERS is running a series of courses for advisers and assessors for the Government’s Green Deal programme.

We are launching three courses which will result in full Green Deal accreditation. Homes have to be inspected and assessed by an accredited assessor before they can qualify for the Green Deal programme, which is the largest ever Government-backed green home improvement project.

The courses include a three-day course for Green Deal advisors, a four-day course for domestic energy assessors, and a 12-day advanced course which covers both disciplines. This course, which is 12 days spread over four weeks will result in a full Green Deal Accreditation qualification with ongoing telephone and email support.

The courses will be held at the recently-opened SERS Training Academy in Caerphilly and will also include the use of five properties for domestic energy assessments.

The Government-backed Green Deal programme allows consumers to pay for home insulation and fuel-saving work through their electricity bills. Before Green Deal funding can be allocated, a property has to be assessed by an accredited advisor working to a strict code of practice. Expected energy savings must outweigh the cost of the work, which is repaid in instalments through energy bills, which remain with the property rather than the owner.

SERS human resources director Kevin Ruane said the courses would result in full qualification from the Awarding Body of the Built Environment. Course costs include all registration and certificate fees, course material, training log, mentor allocation and any necessary electronic equipment.
The Green Deal is an affordable way for people to drastically cut their energy bills by ensuring their home has the best possible environmental performance. However, it is important that assessors are fully qualified, independent and work to the strict code of practice laid down. Our courses will ensure that happens.
Kevin Ruane, HR Director, SERS
The course costs are £1245 (+VAT) for the three and four-day courses and £1945 (+VAT) for the advanced 12-day course.

If you are interested in enrolling please email
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