The BRE Report Launches

28th March 2014
The BRE report has officially launched. At midday, on the 26th March, we were finally able to formally launch the much anticipated BRE report which SERS commissioned.

The launch was announced to the whole of the Tai 2014 conference by CIH Cymru’s Director Keith Edwards, SERS Director Mike Roberts and writer of the report Colin King – Associate Director of BRE.

SERS commissioned the BRE to undertake a review of the quality control and methods of work, when carrying out assessments and retrofit installation of solid wall insulation to solid wall, non-traditional and hard to treat properties. The Report focusses on quality assurance and best practice guidance, and provides clients and installers with a tool-kit and recommendations for avoidance of unintended consequences, thus enabling the decision makers to make the right choices when assessing the suitability of measures, and how they should be carried out.

We are committed to promoting best practice processes and guidance and commissioned the report so that it can be shared with peers and key stakeholders in the industry to further improve working methods and deliver more robust solutions.

For more information on the report please email
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