Tadea-UK appoints SERS onto new procurement framework

9th December 2014
Billingham—based energy efficiency organisation Tadea-UK has announced a new partnership with SERS in a deal set up to enhance the delivery of external wall insulation for local authority carbon saving projects in the South East region.

SERS is one of a number installation companies which have been appointed to a Tadea procurement framework that has generated over £2m of work since it was set up just six weeks ago. This framework has been set up to facilitate the delivery of insulation measures across the UK. Tadea will be working closely with SERS to develop a new scheme utilising the Green Deal Home Improvement fund.
We’re delighted to be working alongside SERS Energy Solutions Ltd. to deliver external wall insulation services in the South East. SERS have a great reputation, and in partnership with them, we will be delivering measures which will bring huge benefits to people across this region.

Through this partnership, we will be making people’s homes warmer, more comfortable and healthier places to live, whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions from housing stock across the region. It is an exciting time and it is great to see our procurement framework enjoying considerable success even at such an early stage.
Steve Hunter, Managing Director, Tadea
We are delighted to have been appointed to the framework to work alongside Tadea.

Our work will help to make homes easier to heat, help homes stay warmer for longer and generally improve the living conditions of the properties concerned. We are looking forward to getting started in the South East and working with Tadea.
Steve Hunter, Managing Director, Tadea
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