SERS Win INCA Domestic Refurb Low Rise Award!

26th October 2016
We are pleased to announce that we have won an INCA award for one of our domestic properties in the Domestic Refurb Low Rise Category!

The Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) Awards 2016 were presented by rugby union star Martin Bayfield at a black-tie gala dinner on Thursday 20 October in front of over 250 industry guests. The INCA Awards have become the highlight of the industry calendar, celebrating successes in external wall insulation (EWI) and showcasing innovation and design of the highest standard. We are thrilled to have picked up this accolade once again.

Stoneleigh is a detached home based in Telford with a unique feature; the front elevation is a semi-circle. Housing the master bedroom and living room this round area is extremely eye-catching but proved challenging when installing external wall insulation.

As external wall insulation boards are square and rigid, it was apparent that installing them onto the rounded front of the property was going to be challenging as they do not bend easily – especially when using a 90mm depth. At this stage, a thinner board was investigated, however due to the increased cost of using these materials the cost of the works were no longer within the owners' price range, and so the thicker depth was chosen.

To overcome this challenge, SERS had to perforate the back of the boards so that they became flexible and bent around the curvature of the building allowing them to be fixed into place. The boards were then rasped at the front to ensure it was all level before applying the subsequent system layers. When adapting the boards for installation, it was essential that the thermal performance was not affected and the required 0.3 u-value was achieved.
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