SERS Urges Landlords to Use Home Insulation Cash

9th July 2014
SERS is urging private landlords to take advantage of new funding available for home insulation – before it’s too late.

New Government funding of up to £6,000 means that homeowners can still insulate their houses and save thousands of pounds on fuel bills, despite the scaling back of some energy-saving programmes.

SERS’ encouragement for landlords to insulate their properties follows a successful campaign targeting private householders across the UK, which has resulted in many people taking the decision to insulate their homes. This campaign continues.

In the latest phase of the Government’s new Green Deal programme – the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – solid wall insulation carries a funding level of £6000 per property, increased from the £4000 cashback previously available. While there is no deadline for securing the funding there is a limited pot of money for properties across England and Wales. Once the money is spent funding levels are expected to drop dramatically.

The Green Deal scheme encourages people to make energy improvements and take energy efficiency measures with their property. More details are available at or by ringing 0845 5198570.

For more information please get in touch now.
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