SERS Urges Homeowners to Check the Date on Their GDHIF Voucher

23rd October 2014
Do you have a Green Deal Home Improvement Voucher? If so, we urge you to check the expiry date on the voucher as the first wave of vouchers issued are due to expire in December.

With only 6 months given on each voucher issued, it is essential that those who were lucky enough to get one of the highly sort after vouchers worth £6,100 make the most of it by getting their solid wall insulation installed before the expiry date in order for them to claim the money.

Should your voucher expire then you will not be able to claim the money and if the first round of applications is anything to be based on, it cannot be guaranteed that you will get another. SO ACT NOW and check your voucher; and ask your friends and family if they have one which hasn’t been used.

For those without a voucher, the funding is due to come back in late November, however the pot of money has been limited to just £30m. Whilst the amount per property is expected to be below the previous amount of £6,100, if it were set at that level only 4918 properties maximum will be able to benefit; out of the 6 million+ solid wall homes in the UK!

If you would like to get a voucher then please send us your contact details and we will notify you as soon as funding is announced in order for you to try and claim yours as soon as possible.
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