SERS Technology Displayed in National Centre

8th October 2014
SERS is now displaying its home insulation technology at the National Centre of Refurbishment Excellence.

We are exhibiting samples of state-of-the-art EWI in the CoRE building in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. The building – the national centre for sustainable building refurbishment – includes a permanent exhibition of the latest and best sustainable technology developments.

The SERS display is in the CoRE Innovation Zone and will demonstrate the effectiveness of modern wall insulation, as well as different finishes, including a simulated brickwork finish.

The display will be seen by visitors to the building, which is itself an example of sustainable refurbishment, achieving BREEAM low energy standards in a converted 19th-century pottery works.

CoRE is the independent not-for-profit national centre for green retrofit skills in the built environment. The organisation aims to achieve a low carbon UK through specialist knowledge and materials for insulating homes and buildings.

SERS director Mike Roberts said he was delighted to be exhibiting SERS technology in such a nationally important building.

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Our display will demonstrate ways to improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings, while at the same time enhancing the appearance of a property. SERS supports all efforts to make buildings as energy efficient as possible.
Mike Roberts, Managing Director, SERS
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