SERS Supports Local School Parking Initiative

12th May 2014
SERS were pleased to be asked and able to help local school ‘The Twyn School’ with their car parking issues.

Being a large school parking outside the gates at drop off and pick up times is always very busy and had started to become a problem for the school. The school council decided to take an active role in a new initiative by recording parking around the school site. There had been an on-going issue with parents parking illegally around the school site.

On just the first day they recorded a huge 35 vehicle registrations of cars parked on double yellow lines and zigzag marked areas. But luckily by having the children and teachers on the streets taking down numbers, this number reduced drastically by the last day of the week to just 2.

As a result, both staff and parents noted the remarkable improvement in access and safety around the school.

SERS were pleased to support the initiative by providing high visibility jackets to the school children to ensure their safety when standing on the roadside monitoring the parking.
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