SERS Launch EWI Maintenance & Repair Solutions

27th March 2015
SERS are pleased to now offer a maintenance and repair service to support Registered Providers in the maintenance of low rise housing which has external wall insulation.

We are able to provide a one-stop-shop for the inspection and delivery of cleaning, maintenance and repairs to properties where external wall insulation (EWI) has been installed – either by SERS or an alternative contractor.

Contract options range from a 12-month inspection (health-check) through to a comprehensive 5-year service. With additional extras available as bolt-on solutions to the core packages, or as standalone services, we can offer you a fully comprehensive maintenance solution.

Maintenance and Services Available Include;

Annual Health Checks
Cleaning of Render or Dash Finish
Repainting of Render
Thermal Imaging
Failed Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction
Training of Direct Labour Organisation
The SERS health check is an annual survey of each property to identify any issues which may have occurred with the performance or appearance of the EWI system. Any findings will be recorded and reported back to the client in a formal report on a property-by-property basis stating the proposed solutions. Depending on the health-check survey report findings, recommendations will be made to ensure that any issues are identified and can be rectified in a timely and cost-effective manner. All proposals made will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the EWI warranty.

The SERS Health Check Includes:

Water ingress
Blocked vents
Performance or appearance issues
Patch replacement requirements
Sealing around consumable and penetrations
Any re-fixing of over-cills
Cracked reveals
Fixtures and fittings
Increased relative humidity, associated damp and mould
Negative effects on neighbouring dwellings
Seals around drainpipes and gutters
Roof timbers
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