SERS Continues to Support Fuel Poverty Charity

20th August 2014
For a second year running SERS have confirmed that they will remain members of National Energy Action.

National Energy Action (NEA) is the national charity which aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor and vulnerable.

NEA seeks to see an end to fuel poverty in the UK. In order to achieve this vision, NEA uses its expertise and other resources to deliver a range of practical projects which seek to demonstrate innovative ways of tackling fuel poverty. In doing so NEA works in partnership with Charity members and other relevant organisations.

NEA’s practical projects and training services are delivered by the Directorate of Development and Delivery.

NEA obtains sponsorship and funding from a range of sources to enable the Charity to meet its objectives to work with public, private and community sector partners to develop projects which seek to establish good practice in bringing affordable warmth solutions to low income and vulnerable households. Projects are evaluated so that lessons learned may be used to inform NEA’s policy recommendations to government, consumer bodies, industry regulators, local government and other relevant bodies.

The Directorate of Development and Delivery is also responsible for NEA’s training services which seek to improve the capacity of partner organisations to deliver high-quality energy advice to householders and to improve energy efficiency delivery skills in the industry.

As a Business Supporter SERS are able to get involved in many events in order to promote the importance of energy efficiency in reducing fuel poverty. In 2013 we had an exhibition stand at CIH Housing and working alongside the NEA to promote this and deliver independent advice to many.

We are also present at many of their meetings in order to ensure that as much as possible is done in line with the charity in order to help those who are in fuel poverty across the country.
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