Rural Wales Homes are Twice as Likely to be in Fuel Poverty

23rd May 2015
Households in rural Wales are twice as likely to be in fuel poverty as urban welsh households. Due to the lack of mains gas in many locations and old solid walled homes, the cost of heating a home to an adequate temperature is often astronomical.

Whilst fuel poverty levels continue to rise across the UK SERS are keen to raise the issue and help to educate those most at risk on the best ways to avoid falling into fuel poverty and how to get out.

NEA Cymru and Calor have been working over the last five years to address fuel poverty in Wales.

Whilst insulation is a key factor in reducing fuel poverty there are many things which households can do. Such as:

– Identify whether it’s possible to get onto mains gas

– Switch energy supplier where applicable

– Look at the Warm Homes Discount scheme

The NEA work hard to raise the awareness of how local communities and residents can protect themselves.

For more information visit the NEA website here.
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