Eildon Housing Association

A scheme carried out Eildon Housing Association, Scottish Borders Housing Association and private homeowners using funding from ECO, HEEPS (ABS) plus RSL and private contributions.
Works carried out across two phases. Phase 1 – January 2015, phase 2 – March 2015 with the length of the works for phase 1 – 3 months, phase 2 – 8 months.
  • Client
    Eildon Housing Association, Scottish Borders Housing Association, Private Homeowners
  • Location
  • Start Date
    January 2015
  • Value
  • Length
    11 Months
  • Work Type
    External Wall Insulation, Energy Efficiency Measures & Associated Works
  • Number of Properties
  • Type of Properties
    Wimpey No-Fines
  • Insulation Type
    90mm Grey EPS
  • U Value
  • Finish Applied
    Pebble Dash
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