Over £30m Worth of GDHIF Vouchers Could Expire!

24th November 2014
The Department for Energy and Climate Change issued their ‘Domestic Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation in Great Britain, Monthly report’ yesterday and it showed that over £30m worth of GDHIF vouchers could expire!

Having analysed the statistics released by DECC, the NIA (National Insulation Association) have identified that over £30m worth of GDHIF vouchers could expire if the claim rate for October remains the same for December and January.

20,609 Green Deal Home Improvement Vouchers (GDHIF) were applied for before the fund closed in July – providing a total budget of £111m.

As of the end of October 2014 6,687 vouchers (worth £29.9m) had been claimed and paid for.

Over half of these (3,452) had been claimed in the month of October alone ( worth £16.4m). Over half (55 per cent) of these measures have been for solid wall insulation.

If Octobers run rate is to continue for December and January, until the vouchers expire at the end of January 2015, then there will be over £30m worth of vouchers unclaimed.

Discussing the potential left over budget and taking into account the new round of funding due to launch at the end of November 2014 n( worth £100m) the NIA state that they “continue to push for any vouchers that are not redeemed to be recycled so that the additional £100m is truly additional”.
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