Green Deal Home Improvement Payments to take 30 Days

10th September 2014
DECC has announced that Green Deal Home Improvement Payments will be made to customers within 30 days of their application, providing they receive all of the required documentation and the claim meets the scheme terms and conditions.

Originally there was no time limit on the amount of time it would take for a payment to be made – with DECC just stating that they ‘aimed to make payment promptly’. But due to a dramatic increase in the number of applications, the amount of time it was taking had increased and therefore in order to reduce confusion and also ensure customers are not let down, they have extended the amount of time to 30 days.

Customers have six months to redeem their vouchers – if you have a voucher but don’t yet have an installer, or would like a competitive quote to compare against one which you may already have please contact us here > Contact Us
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