Green Deal – A Great Way to Save Money in 2015

9th January 2015
The Telegraph has announced 12 ways to save money in 2015 and Green Deal have made the list!

Almost every January an article is published talking about how to save money for the year ahead. Whilst most lists include the same suggestions and are often ways that people are already aware of (like shopping around for cheaper insurance quotes or switching your mortgage), the Telegraph’s list included 12 brand new ways to save in 2015; and we are particularly excited about number 8 – Go Green!

The Green Deal is the Governments flagship energy efficiency initiative. The Green Deal allows homes to make energy efficiency improvements at no or very little upfront cost. Repayments for a Green Deal loan are made through a property’s electricity bill over a set period of time. These repayments should amount to no more than what a typical household is expected to save on energy bills due to the installation; this is known as the Golden Rule.

Last year a number of grant schemes, the Green Deal Home Improvement Scheme, allowed for homeowners to claim money off vouchers towards the cost of solid wall insulation.

Other ideas to save money included:

Enter the lottery for free

Buy discount cinema tickets

Go to a ‘pay-as-you-go’ gym

Buy your clothes and electronics overseas

Move Child Trust Fund savings to a Junior Isa

Earn money by searching online

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