Extra GDHIF Funding Due Any Day

3rd December 2014
The wait is now over and the extra £100m of GDHIF (Green Deal Home Improvement Funding) is due any day now.

Whilst the original deadline set was the end of November we are hoping to hear more very soon. When the previous pot of funding came to an abrupt end in July it was unclear whether we would have any further funding until the next round starts in March 2015.

But thankfully came the news that DECC were releasing a further £100m worth (it is likely £30m of this will be available now and the rest will be allocated to next years pot). Whilst we are still waiting for clarification on the amount available this time and the rates and scheme details from DECC, we are extremely keen to make everyone aware that this funding will become available very soon and could be substantial (we are estimating it to be worth around £4000 per property for external wall insulation).

If you are interested in having solid wall insulation and would like to benefit from this funding ( or the funding due to launch in March) please get in touch so that we can help to secure your share.

GDHIF funding is also available for Registered Providers up to a limit of £160,000 ( conditions apply). If you are a Registered Provider and would like further information please contact info@sersltd.co.uk
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