Energy Bill Revolution Calls for Major New Insulation Programme

2nd February 2015
NIA Supports Energy Bill Campaign and Letter to The Sunday Telegraph

A letter and article, supported by the NIA, which appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on Feb 1st, 2015 is calling for a major new insulation programme SERS are a member of the NIA and supports their activities in promoting the need for better insulation throughout the UK. A copy of the letter:

“Keeping homes warmer for less

As members and supporters of the Energy Bill Revolution alliance, we are calling upon party leaders to make a commitment in their election manifestos to use infrastructure funds to invest in a more ambitious and effective energy efficiency programme.

High energy bills are causing suffering for millions of families across Britain, especially those on low incomes. Britain has some of the least energy efficient homes in Europe.

It is time for a bold new approach. The next government should make home energy efficiency a priority in order to slash energy bills, provide a lasting solution to fuel poverty, bring down carbon emissions, reduce winter deaths and NHS costs and add £13.9 billion to the UK economy annually by 2030.

No other infrastructure investment can achieve such a powerful combination of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Signatures of the letter included leaders from over 80 charities, businesses and unions including Age UK, Energy Bill Revolution, B&Q, Oxfam, National Insulation Association, National Energy Action, Age Cymru, Centre for Sustainable Energy and INCA.

For more information on The Energy Bill Revolution please visit their website here.
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