“Big Six” Drop Gas Prices – Reduce Bills Further with Insulation

30th January 2015
The mainstream media over the last few weeks have been full of articles detailing how all of the “big six” energy companies have been dropping their gas prices to domestic customers – a welcomed action by SERS.

The cuts to prices have been made in the wake of a large fall in the wholesale price of gas. These changes with have a huge impact on millions of homeowners across the UK who have felt continuous increases over recent years on their utility bills.

Both gas and oil prices have fallen recently as slowing economic growth dented demand.
Whilst reduced fuel bills will help the millions of people in fuel poverty homeowners need to also turn to other energy saving methods to reduce their fuel bills.

Adequate insulation can save up to £490 a year for a solid walled house (figure by the EST, January 2015)!

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Note – The “big six” include British Gas, Npower, SSE, Scottish Power, EDF and E.On.
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