An Extra £100m of Funding for Insulation

10th October 2014
Homeowners are to get a second chance at claiming Green Deal Home Improvement Funding (GDHIF) thanks to an extra £100m in subsidies offered by Government.

We are pleased to announce that those who missed out on the abruptly stopped GDHIF will get a second chance at claiming money towards the cost of solid wall insulation in 2014.

With details being announced in late November, SERS welcome this news as the next round of funding was not due to become available until March 2015.

Although the level of funding available for each install is still unclear, we are hopeful that homeowners will be able to claim up to £6000 per property for solid wall insulation; making the level of cashback the same as it was before in June.

In June, £120m of funding became available. When announced, the GDHIF promised £50m of the £120m would be spent at the higher funding rate of £6000 for solid wall insulation. The idea being that once the first £50m had been spent DECC would review the funding levels and advise how the rest of the funding should be spent between then and March 2015.

However, 22nd July saw the announcement that almost the full £50m had been allocated in vouchers and as a result announced that the fund would close at midnight on the 24thJuly. However, a huge rise in applications in these two days has meant that the remaining £70m has been spent meaning that the full £120m had gone in just seven weeks.

Early evening on the 24th July DECC closed the voucher claims process and declared the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund closed until March 2015 as claims were being made a rate no one could predict.

As soon as we hear about the level of funding and how to become eligible we will announce it on our site. 
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