Solid Wall Insulation & External Cladding

SERS EWISolid Wall Insulation, which can be applied either internally or externally, is a technology which provides property owners or tenants with a significant thermal improvement to the building. This is due the fact that up to 40% of heat is lost through outer walls in a building.

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Solar PV

PV PanelWith the need to reduce our carbon footprint becoming ever more important and relevant, Solar PV Panels are proving to be an excellent method of generating our own electricity and becoming a ‘greener’ nation. When you couple with this the current funding that is on offer through Government lead schemes there has never been a better time to turn to PV technology.

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Associated Services

As a contractor with many years of experience working in occupied homes, commercial units and on New Build projects, we are able to offer a number of services associated with energy efficiency work. Please click on the relevant tab to find out more about what services we can offer you.

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